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Dno tablice


  • Ukupno igrica: 1890
  • Odigrano: 1270583
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Dno tablice

Ime: Pad Sports
Opis: Pong for experienced players in kid theme background - sunny day on grass field.

Kategorija: Akcija
Odigrano: 1196

Pad Sports

Ime: Pasture Panic
Opis: Use the arrow keys to keep your sheep safe from the angry and hungry dogs.

Kategorija: Akcija
Odigrano: 1089

Pasture Panic

Ime: Dodge
Opis: dodge the asteroids! move with your arrow keys and survive for as long as you can!

Kategorija: Akcija
Odigrano: 1110


Ime: Nail Bed
Opis: Drag the carpet and hit the clown. If the clown hits the balloon you score one point. If the clown hits the nails the game ends.

Kategorija: Akcija
Odigrano: 1155

Nail Bed

Ime: Crescendo
Opis: Build your crescendo and survive for as long as possible!! Max your crescendo to earn bonus time instead!!

Kategorija: Akcija
Odigrano: 997


Ime: Arcanover
Opis: PROTECT your mushes! Save as much as you can! Don't let the acid ball hit the ground and catch your bombs. The Union is counting on YOU!

Kategorija: Akcija
Odigrano: 1021


Ime: Killer Whale
Opis: Predator on the loose! Find your way out of Sea World.

Kategorija: Akcija
Odigrano: 1024

Killer Whale

Ime: Acid Fly
Opis: Use acid fly to catch cannon balls. DON'T let the cannon balls hit the ground and keep that fly away from your mushes.

Kategorija: Akcija
Odigrano: 872

Acid Fly

Ime: Falling Angels
Opis: It's summertime and everybody want to go to the beach to take a bath. The Angels in the heaven also wants to refresh themselves in the water of the seas. You will be the God responsible to draw a path in the sky between the dangerous storm clouds for the Angels to reach safe the water on the sea.

Kategorija: Akcija
Odigrano: 830

Falling Angels

Ime: Deep Space
Opis: there's always something to collect, even in the deepest coldest parts of the universe. Squirrel universe that is.

Kategorija: Akcija
Odigrano: 759

Deep Space

Ime: Gluttonous jellyfish
Opis: Use arrow keys to collect plankton items Avoid crab and barrel Be careful, time not waiting!

Kategorija: Akcija
Odigrano: 716

Gluttonous jel

Ime: Crowded House
Opis: collect as many nuts as you can, but these are tough times, as the room gets more crowded with every single nut collected. Use star power up to make some room.

Kategorija: Akcija
Odigrano: 739

Crowded House

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