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Dno tablice


  • Ukupno igrica: 1890
  • Odigrano: 918562
  • Kategorija: 12
  • Korisnika: 70
  • Zapisi bloga: 0
  • Komentari: 157
Dno tablice

Ime: BlastOut
Opis: Bounce the angry circles through 19 action packed levels to destroy the terrain, release the particles and get the high score! Use the powerups to aid you in your destruction and the mouse to sweep the particles down to your paddle.

Kategorija: Slagalice
Odigrano: 1590


Ime: Filament
Opis: Puzzle game where you have to deduce the location of mirrors in a black box by firing lasers into it and observing where they exit.

Kategorija: Slagalice
Odigrano: 1092


Opis: Catch the black and white tiles. Choose black or white station and catch falling blocks.

Kategorija: Slagalice
Odigrano: 1008


Ime: Parenting Word Search
Opis: Parenting based word search game.

Kategorija: Slagalice
Odigrano: 818

Parenting Word

Opis: The longer the invaders dance the more meteors fall to earth.

Kategorija: Slagalice
Odigrano: 747


Ime: Froggo
Opis: A puzzle game where you play as a frog and must remove all the lily pads in each level to win. There are 15 levels, a highscore table, and level codes to easily return to levels later on.

Kategorija: Slagalice
Odigrano: 1226


Ime: Spin Madness
Opis: Spin as many pieces of the same color as you can before the time runs out.

Kategorija: Slagalice
Odigrano: 3373

Spin Madness

Ime: Glowy Stonys
Opis: Tetris with glowing blocks in mosaic style and suiting sounds.

Kategorija: Slagalice
Odigrano: 3908

Glowy Stonys

Ime: ADDiction
Opis: Clear tiles by making sums. Math-tastic! Sums are made clicking tiles in a row to match the prime number.

Kategorija: Slagalice
Odigrano: 1310


Ime: Snake(my version)
Opis: This game is my very first game i ever made. Sorry if its kind of simple for now.. but later i will make more funner games.

Kategorija: Slagalice
Odigrano: 851

Snake(my versi

Ime: Ringmania 2
Opis: A connect-three game based on magnetism. Unlike in the first version of Ringmania, control is now with the mouse allowing more freedom of movement as you try to eliminate all of the colored rings from each level's initial configuration.

Kategorija: Slagalice
Odigrano: 1041

Ringmania 2

Ime: Ringmania
Opis: A new take on the "connect 3" kind of game.

Kategorija: Slagalice
Odigrano: 723


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