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Dno tablice


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Dno tablice

Ime: Endless Fighter 3 Platformer
Opis: in this game you are a stick figure. and you need to use badly drawn weapons to kill the two rectangles attacking the uhhh.. city behind you, upgrade you're weapons and kill them. oh and if you see any glichs with the platformas (geting stuck in them) use it to your advantage , as i am not going to change it. Get enough kills and the ground and weapon placement changes (onice at 30 kills and another time at 100 kills)

Kategorija: Tucnjava
Odigrano: 868

Endless Fighte

Ime: Endless fighter 2 Foot Soldier
Opis: in this version you are a foot soldier you have a lazer gun and have to kill the evil squares trying to reach the end, it never ends but in the future i will add a high scores and a button to end it. you fight 2 evil squares. every time you kill them and the higher there score, the faster they go. buy upgrades in real time and fight forever (or until you wish to quit). oh and for everyone playing this game and the background isnt black i will try to fix this if i can.

Kategorija: Tucnjava
Odigrano: 756

Endless fighte

Ime: Kill It
Opis: A fun fighting game with RPG elements!!! Choose between Paladin, Archer or Mage character.

Kategorija: Tucnjava
Odigrano: 1091

Kill It

Ime: Save the Island
Opis: Fight to save your island in this logical fighting game. Defeat the enemy king in a deadly battle in the crocodile valley. The main battling concept is a classical one.

Kategorija: Tucnjava
Odigrano: 1358

Save the Islan

Ime: Devil Slayer
Opis: A three-man team of warrior, mage and priest will fight against the stone devil. A proper adjustment of skills and character arrangement is crucial to beating the devil.

Kategorija: Tucnjava
Odigrano: 745

Devil Slayer

Ime: Election Madness
Opis: Bash your election opponent to pieces with dozens of attacks, taunts, and objects at your dispense!

Kategorija: Tucnjava
Odigrano: 4284

Election Madne

Ime: Red Tassled Fighter
Opis: An addictive side-scrolling shooter. Three types of weapons help your hero fight enemies.

Kategorija: Tucnjava
Odigrano: 832

Red Tassled Fi

Ime: Mobs Down
Opis: Help Michael Thorpe avenge his brother's death by taking down the mobs.

Kategorija: Tucnjava
Odigrano: 931

Mobs Down

Ime: Aykuris Quest
Opis: One upon a time, somewhere in the east, was a great emperor. He was fair to his people, mighty to those choosing the way of crime. The triads leaders have had enough. Something had to be done. One day a traitor sneaked a poison into the evening tea. The emperor gravely sick only had a few days left. His daughter, Aykuri, brave and fearless swore to find a cure. She must find the six reagents located across the land. Help her. Have Fun!

Kategorija: Tucnjava
Odigrano: 788

Aykuris Quest

Ime: Space Bounty
Opis: You are an elite mercenary and you must destroy everything in your way.

Kategorija: Tucnjava
Odigrano: 3356

Space Bounty

Ime: Flames of Fury
Opis: Since the beginning of time men have been afraid of dragons and their power of creating fire. Man never tried to understand their wisdom and preferred to slay them all. It was believed that not a single dragon survived Until today. One creature remains. It is the species last hope.

Kategorija: Tucnjava
Odigrano: 614

Flames of Fury

Ime: Doomland 2154
Opis: Shoot bad guys in this post apokaliptic world. One of the best 1st person shooter game on facebook.

Kategorija: Tucnjava
Odigrano: 568

Doomland 2154

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