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Dno tablice


  • Ukupno igrica: 1890
  • Odigrano: 1270450
  • Kategorija: 12
  • Korisnika: 692
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Dno tablice

Ime: Daytona
Opis: Just like the Daytona 500! Finish 10 turns in your red car to make number 1.

Kategorija: Voznja
Odigrano: 5202


Ime: ShapeX
Opis: Use you mouse to avoid the shapes and try to get the longest run.

Kategorija: Voznja
Odigrano: 1300


Ime: Slide Roadway
Opis: In Slide Roadway your car is running on a puzzle. You need to move the puzzle pieces to make the car find the goal! The game contains more than 41 levels and extra ending points!

Kategorija: Voznja
Odigrano: 1142

Slide Roadway

Ime: 3d Motorcycle race
Opis: 3D Motorcycle Racing Game. Race again 3 opponents. Complete 3 laps to get a chance to enter your name in best time scores table. To unlock new tracks you must be the first on finish line.

Kategorija: Voznja
Odigrano: 1418

3d Motorcycle

Ime: CAR & UFO
Opis: Chase UFO around the city and take pictures of it. Special bonus of 800 is awarded for every UFO.

Kategorija: Voznja
Odigrano: 1621


Ime: Car Game
Opis: Fit out the Porsche to suit your style. Make modification of rims, hood, glass and put out your racing colors.

Kategorija: Voznja
Odigrano: 16008

Car Game

Ime: Dirt Bike 2
Opis: Ride your dirt bike on unusually challenging obstacle courses and try to complete all the levels.

Kategorija: Voznja
Odigrano: 1718

Dirt Bike 2

Ime: Off-Road
Opis: Try to finish 10 laps as soon as possible. Simple but most entertaining game.

Kategorija: Voznja
Odigrano: 1196


Ime: Speed Warrior
Opis: Win races, buy better cars and win more races. 8 sections, 18 tracks and more than 10 cars to buy.

Kategorija: Voznja
Odigrano: 2525

Speed Warrior

Ime: Hovercraft Racing
Opis: In this game you race against the computer in a hovercraft competition. The difficult (and fun) part of a hovercraft racing is that hovercrafts do not stick to the ground firmly, they slide sideways when making a turn! You'll need some time before you can master the control of the hovercraft.

Kategorija: Voznja
Odigrano: 1138

Hovercraft Rac

Ime: Canal Danger
Opis: Make it through the canal collecting points and avoiding dangers!

Kategorija: Voznja
Odigrano: 669

Canal Danger

Opis: After loading the game you directly into the right mood with the delicious Burn Rubber tune. Select at the boot screen 'Rules' to see exactly how you can rip the three challenging Burn Rubber circuits.

Kategorija: Voznja
Odigrano: 1027


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